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Michael Dinuri

Energetic Business Reading & Analysis i Akashakrönikan

Client stories

Doing a thorough "Business Analysis'' of my company together with Michael Dinuri, has made a big difference for me and my business. Today I look forward with calmness and confidence to working towards my goal/intention. I will be doing the work, but it feels safe and good to have done this thorough review and I look forward to reaping what the future has to offer.


I can warmly recommend you to those who are thinking of doing a "Business Analysis" or any other reading with Michael Dinuri to take the chance! Michael is very professional, has a great ability to listen to your message and has a great deal of patience. At the beginning of our conversations, I felt some doubt that I have the possibility to achieve my goal/intention, but today I have a strategically reasonable plan and look with confidence to the future and that I will achieve my goal/intention.


Ann-Sofi Ingemansson Ayurveda & Balance

I have felt for a long time that the flow in my business has stagnated and that I am stuck. My problem has been that as a self-employed person I have had lots of thoughts and ideas that have not been realized and where I have not been able to translate these into practice. Because I didn't have a really good plan on what to focus on. My energy has been up and down, and I haven't figured out how to strategically move forward and achieve the company's vision and business idea.


During "Business Analysis" we have worked with my intention on what I concretely want to achieve within a specific time frame. Michael has very thoroughly gone through and analyzed on an energy level whether my intention is reasonable to achieve and how I can best be in line with myself to achieve my goal. He has also very thoroughly gone over my services I offer and if they align with me energetically and where I need to make changes. During the analysis, Michael has also looked at parts such as marketing, website, and collaboration partners.


During our conversations, Michael clarified and explained in a very educational and constructive way so that it became increasingly clear to me what and how I need to make certain changes. Together we have worked out a plan of what I need to work on to achieve my goal/intention and how. It has been a fantastically developing personal journey. I feel very grateful that I was both given the chance and took it.

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Energy cleaning and balancing of business - Space Clearing


Are you feeling stuck in your business? It may be due to the energies in your workplace. My space clearing service can help clean and balance these energies, leading to a positive shift and improved flow in your business. No need for me to be on-site, everything is done remotely. All you need is to be the owner or tenant of the property being cleaned.


During the reading, you'll receive a 15-minute presentation by phone or email, energy clearing, energy balancing, and a recording of the session. Don't let stagnant energies hold you back from success. Contact me now to book your space clearing service and start creating positive change in your business today.


SEK 2 500


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To learn more about where you are and what you need and start your journey towards a thriving and profitable business. 

Energetic Business Reading and Analysis in the Akashic Records

Are you a business owner who is struggling to achieve your desired results? An energetic company analysis may be able to help. In this reading, I will use the Akashic Record, an energetic database that contains information about your business, to detect any blockages that are hindering your success. I will also analyze the energy frequency of your company and how it aligns with your own unique frequency.


During the reading, I will focus on areas such as your financial goals, services and products, marketing and sales, business systems, ownership structure, personnel, and partners. You will gain insight into what needs to change in order to create the greatest possible financial abundance in your business. You will also learn about your unique gifts as an entrepreneur and business leader, as well as any pitfalls you should avoid.

The effects of an energetic business analysis can be significant. You will be able to identify any blockages that are preventing you from gaining new and loyal customers/clients. You will also be able to make customized adjustments to your business that will lead to progress towards your goals. When you are aligned with your flow and have a clear compass, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful entrepreneur and creating abundance.


Book a free consultation to learn more about where you are and what you need and start your journey towards a thriving and profitable business. My services are always tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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