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Michael Dinuri

Soul Readings in the Akashic Records

Client stories

"What an exciting journey into myself! After 25 years around the spiritual "sandwich table" I was hoping to get some more important threads to unravel. With great precision, Michael has lifted and turned puzzle pieces from past lifetimes so that insights could rise to the surface and become visible. I see how these traumas and events have affected the way I act/react to events in my current life. I received many important clues and brand-new visions that came up. With the help of Soul Reading, I have found out where my next step will be. The old visions that were more ego driven have changed and are being phased out now, they have quickly dissipated and dissolved. I have Michael's guidance as a safe hand behind my back now as I create my future. I highly recommend Michael's intuitive abilities with soul reading and home energy clearing. Thank you very much for shining the flashlight when I was trapped in a dark cold well. It allowed me to get up and out into freedom again.”

- Maria Liljedahl


"The Soul Reading I received from Michael was a valuable enhancement, which confirmed and clarified several parts. A new, valuable clarity I gained is which soul group I belong to and its purpose. Some I couldn't immediately relate to but have had answers for others after the fact. Have had many inner “wow” experiences. Challenges that Michael mentioned, I have been more observant and can "take action" before they take hold of me. Everyday, practical answers and solutions often come easily.

Michael's pleasant way of imparting his wisdom inspires trust and respect. He is humble, knowledgeable, and generous. I understand that he puts in many hours for such a solid Soul Reading.

The homework I was given for a short period was easy to do. Something inside me has even been looking forward to these minutes. No burdensome homework, just gradual help for continued inner growth.

Since I have been a senior for many years (75+) and have long been involved spiritually as well as health-wise, Soul Reading became a natural part of my continued development. That I was shown the way to Michael, I am therefore very grateful. There was no doubt. If you also feel ready for another step-in life, I just want to congratulate you and wish you the best of luck!”

- Maivor S

"I was very curious to take the consultation as I was at a stage in my life where I needed to find myself and my power again. When Michael presented the results, he was calm, clear, and structured in his review. In a warm, confident way, he went through the origins of my soul and karmic patterns, and what I need to do more of in my life to have vitality and flow. The method appealed to me because it was a systematic method with different parts that together gave me a good explanation about different patterns and path choices I made in life. This method was like an instruction manual on how to handle myself. I understood both why I felt good under certain conditions and why I felt bad at certain periods in my life. Michael is perfect for this role with his combined experience in coaching, healing, and psychic reading, combined with his humble appearance and clear way of presenting the results. It was also a bonus to have the consultation recorded and homework to work on."

- Camilla Johansson


“Once again thank you Michael. Your soul reading in combination with the soul cleansing has set in motion an avalanche of insights, understanding, thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. I am beginning to be able to understand and realize a bigger picture of myself. I have taken out Louise Hay's description of the chakras and am completely speechless at how well chakras play a role in my life and how past life experiences have remained in the memories and now cause physical problems. Until now I have had an abstract understanding of all this. Now suddenly the understanding is completely concrete. I feel like I’m in a tumble dryer right now. It's overwhelming. Thank you for existing and continuing to make a difference.”

- Margareta, Göteborg


“Michael read my soul profile reading and the Manifesting Blueprint in the Akashic Records and hit the spot. He could see my weaknesses and strengths and everything Michael told me I could relate to. He has a calm and pleasant way of imparting his wisdom. After our session I felt much happier and positive about the future

Michael's advice and homework was very good for me and tailored. I have already started to see changes in my health and state of mind. I highly recommend booking a session or more with him.”

- Alicia Olivas Del pozo


“Michael was clear when he did a soul reading, and it was really interesting. What he told was true and it was amazing! I got a kind of energy that you haven't felt for a very long time when Michael spoke. Now I feel inspired to create and discover new things. Now I look forward to these 21 days and see what they can lead to.”

- Niklas Darius

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To book, please contact me and make payment through Paypal. Once payment is received, your booking is confirmed. Please note that there are no refunds once the service has been paid for, as I will have already started my preparatory work. Rescheduling and cancellation policies apply.


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Energy cleaning and balancing of residence - Space Clearing


Is your home feeling out of balance?


It may be due to the energies within it. Our space clearing service can help clean and balance these energies, leading to a positive shift and improved flow in your home. No need for us to be on-site, everything is done remotely. All you need is to be the owner or tenant of the property being cleaned.


During the reading, you'll receive a 15-minute presentation by phone or email, energy clearing, energy balancing, and a recording of the session. Don't let stagnant energies hold you back from creating a harmonious living space. Contact us now to book your space clearing service and start creating positive change in your home today.


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Manifesting Blueprint - Your magic key to your creation process


Are you looking to create something new or manifest a change in your life but don't know how to start?


A manifesting blueprint reading may be able to help. In this reading, you will gain insight into your unique process of creation and learn about your personal compass that guides you to be in alignment with your manifestation process. This will help you unlock your awareness to your own creative abilities and become a master of manifesting your desires.


The reading includes my preparatory work, a 1.5-hour phone session, a customized action plan for effectively implementing and manifesting your desired results, and a recording of the conversation for future reference.


SEK 2 400



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Soul Profile Reading - Deepening


A deepening of your soul profile reading, can provide even more detailed and specific information about your soul knowledge and skills, as well as any challenges or areas of life that may be affected.


Through a soul profile reading, you can gain a deeper understanding of your purpose and how to use your soul gifts and specializations to live a more fulfilling life. You will also receive guidance on how to navigate any challenges and overcome them. This can lead to a greater sense of self-awareness and clarity about your path in life, and help you make choices that are aligned with your true self.


If you are interested in deepening your understanding of who you are at the soul level and living a more fulfilling life, consider seeking out a soul profile reading. This can be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery.


The reading includes my preparatory work, a 1.5-hour phone session, recording of the conversation, and follow-up call to help you implement your insights.


SEK 2 400



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Soul profile Reading - Self Realignment


Clear karmic patterns, energetic blockages and live a freer life!


A soul profile reading is a way to gain insight into your true identity and purpose at the soul level. In a reading, you will discover your unique spiritual gifts, strengths, and skills, as well as any blockages or karmic patterns that may be holding you back from living a fulfilling life. You will also learn how to create more flow in your life and choose a professional path that aligns with your purpose.


During the reading, I will use the Akashic Record to access the information about your soul, including its origin, gifts, and challenges. I will help you unblock any hindrances and restore the structure of your soul, so you can live more in line with who you truly are. This will bring you more vitality and help you manifest your goals with ease.


A soul profile reading is a great option if you are looking to deepen your understanding of your soul and its gifts.

The reading includes my preparatory work, a 2-hour phone session, recording of the conversation, full energy cleansing and restoration of your soul's structure, homework and follow-up call to help you implement your insights.


SEK 3 300 



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Book a free consultation to learn more and start your journey towards a freer, more fulfilling life.

Soul readings offer numerous benefits that can help you create a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Some of the key benefits of soul readings include:

Soul Readings in the Akashic Records

If you are ready to uncover your unique gifts, strengths, and talents and live your life to the fullest, consider seeking out reading in the Akashic Records.


Would you like to live a freer life with less stress and anxiety? A soul reading may be able to help. In a soul reading, I use the Akashic Record to gain a deeper understanding of your soul, including your spiritual gifts, purpose, strengths, and talents. This ancient holistic matrix has roots in Indian mysticism that contains the entire history of your soul.


During the reading, I will clear any energetic blockages or karmic patterns that may be holding you back from living your best life. You will gain insight into who you are and where you come from, and learn how to make choices that align with your true purpose. With this knowledge, you can create a flourishing life and follow a professional path that is in line with your gifts and talents.


The effects of a soul reading can be profound. You may find that you are able to create without limitations and experience increased energy and joy. You will also gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

What is a soul reading to me?


I am passionate about using soul readings as a tool to help others find their inner resources and live a fulfilling life. By clearing blockages and finding their inner compass, my clients are able to move from their current state to the state they want to be in, allowing them to live a happy and enriching life.

Understanding your life's purpose and yourself on a deeper level

By living in alignment with your soul's highest path and purpose, you can become a master of your life and a conscious creator of your physical experiences. You can also tap into your inner compass, which guides you through life.

Creating without limitations 

By clearing blockages and negative karmic patterns at the soul level, you can more easily act according to your goals without inner resistance. This can lead to increased self-confidence, improved health, increased energy, enhanced intuition, and greater inspiration.

Gaining a deep understanding of who you are 

Knowing your unique gifts and inherent resources can have a positive impact on multiple areas of your life, including your career, relationships, and finances. This understanding can help you make more informed decisions and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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